Southern Poverty Law Center: "Male Supremacy"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The men’s rights movement lives in a pseudo-academic, seemingly respectable bubble, using litigation to challenge female-only spaces or defend men accused of campus sexual assault though airing more disturbing ideas behind the scene. Often, these men’s rights advocacy groups, like the National Coalition for Men (NCFM), founded in 1977, and on whose board of advisors Farrell sits, distort or cherry-pick statistics to indicate female privilege, blame women or create false equivalences between the oppression of men and of women, rather than simply seek to advance the cause of men and fathers. Groups like NCFM use litigation to challenge what they perceived as discrimination in favor of women and try to influence policy on domestic violence, sexual assault, divorce and custody cases. In reality, they offered little help to men other than blaming women or advocating to deny women the structures that they did have to resort to discrimination or violence — one of the biggest grievances of the men’s rights movement, for instance, is the Violence Against Women Act in 1994.

Most recently, Cassie Jaye, an American documentary filmmaker became a men’s rights activist after producing The Red Pill documentary, a foray into the world of men’s rights activists. As David Futrelle, who monitors the manosphere on his blog “We Hunted the Mammoth”, decried, Jaye accepted funding directly from MRAs, notably taking money from Paul Elam and from regulars of the violently anti-woman The Red Pill subreddit, a misogynistic forum on Reddit. The misogynistic conspiracy theorist, Mike Cernovich, donated $10,000 to become an associate producer. The documentary, which sees Jaye interviewing MRAs and never challenging them on their myriad of misogynistic positions, sparked outrage in Australia. A campaign denouncing it as “misogynistic propaganda” succeeded in getting the film dropped by an Australian cinema. In the US, The Village Voice reportedly refused to run paid ads for the film in its paper.'

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This is good news.

The more hysterical the political left becomes, the more people become curious as to what the all the fuss is about. Most reasonable people then see that the fuss is just smoke in mirrors, and that those panicking are simply trying to stop ideas from being spread--ironically doing just the opposite in the process.

Keep it up, SPLC. Soon the handful of people left who still believe what you have to say will know better.

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This is just so hilarious. A hate web site for hating extreme right wing hate groups! Oh the irony!
This must be a spoof. The ridiculous name (the site has nothing to do with poverty), the obviously fake board of directors, and the adolescent text!
I've been laughing all morning.

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