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The Patriarchy. Yes. Read it and... do something. Dunno. Comment hereon.

What About This Patriarchy Stuff?

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The Patriarchy is about as real and relevant as the Illuminati, boogeyman or the Devil. It is simply a convenient blame-game enabler for Feminists to indulge in excesses.

The Greeks, the foundation of western civilization, called themselves Έλληνες, with the Hellenic (female) culture the dominant force in the Ancient world. To the North the Barbarian tribes worshiped Freya (Friday still named after her). Matriarchy was clearly the way to go in the ancient world and in the present.

It is not the Patriarchy that separates men from their children, but Feminists. This atrocity started with the Deceleration of Sentiments, augmented by Caroline Norton's tender years dogma. ( - bullet point 8)

Eventually the UN started to frown at the blatant sexism inherent in the tender years doctrine in the 1960's. (Israel was reprimanded only last year by the UN and they removed it from their law.) Feminists countered by converting shelters for domestic abuse to woman shelters where young children can be indoctrinated against their fathers for divorce purposes. Shelters for men and their children was shut down, ask Erin Pizzey. (the first woman to open such a shelter) No Patriarchy here, just greedy Feminism.

Greedy, yes greedy Feminism, because child support paid by men world wide is equal to the GDP of Australia - the 13th largest GDP in the world! This is one of the reasons why Feminists can claim a pay gap, yet females make 80% of the consumer decisions world-wide. It may be the Patriarchy making the money, but it is the Matriarchy spending it!

I can go on, but I think the point is made.
Thanx, for a fantastic site and "hamba kahle". (walk well)

Black Monday

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To be in awe over feminine traits like birthing new life and enshrining that religiously and h@ving a patriarchal society (as I define it) are not incompatible things. Indeed, they mesh well together and typify the past several 100,000 years of human civilization. That a goddess is of primary importance in a theology doesn't imply matriarchy in a society any more than God being viewed as male implies a patriarchy (by any definition) exists in a society.

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