Australia: Young men search for answers, rising star Jordan Peterson gives them

Article here. Excerpt:

'Could the plight of today’s 20-something white American male be cured with a self-help book?

For thousands, the answer appears to be a surprising yes.
Peterson sees young men as victims of a society that hasn’t prepared them to be men, where postmodern, identity group politics has leaked out of the campuses and into the elementary schools, where being an energetic boy is considered a mental health defect, as social media rumors say.

What they find in Peterson is a guide and someone who is frank, and honest about reality. Peterson doesn’t simplify the world’s problems, he acknowledges them as complicated and that has given him credibility among his fans, who are navigating the new world of ever changing sexual politics, be it at school, work or the dating sphere. His lectures combine his expertise in clinical psychology, along with religious themes and Jungian psychiatry. He skips postmodern and ideological meanings, and gives answers in metaphors that run the range from philosophy and religion to Greek mythology.

The answers are complicated, and in many cases, there are no answers, but young men have found guidance in his videos and now his book, and believe they have found an honest broker.'

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What is newsworthy is less that Jordan P. is as described herein. It's that he has become a pan-national figure... possibly because as pertains boys, Australia has screwed the pooch as badly if not worse than America has.

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I guess that says a lot for Australia. The only voice acknowledging the adversity, gender hatred and neglect being experienced by Australian boys is not Australian.
The plight of boys in Australia is completely off the radar of modern journalism, politics and academia. The image of boys in the Australian media is simplistic, unflattering, and completely dominated by feminist gendered dialogue, that only views boys in terms of women's needs and grievences.
The only boys worthy of any attention are those with minority credentials (LGBTI, indigenous, asylum seekers).
I glad that boys (and men), have someone with a considered and moderate, but strong vision, to listen to. Even then, many of the comments tried to shoot down the messenger with the same old contrived accusations.

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