Let's Hear It For The Boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the greater disparities between male and female students can be seen in the College of Veterinary Medicine, where out of 277 students, 96.39 percent of undergraduates are women, leaving 10 men in the minority in 2017.
Some might think that such a discrepancy would result in the creation of education or nursing groups for men, but there doesn’t seem to be a male-centered group yet at Purdue.

While no one should be encouraged to go into an area of study they truly do not want to enter, there’s something distinctly unfair about the lack of men’s programs, not just at Purdue, but around the nation. The recent push for women in STEM is admirable, but the same encouragement should be offered to men.'

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When it comes to degrees with employability in their future, a rather large number offered by colleges don't fit the bill.

There is a good market for vets. But sociology majors? No. Encouraging men to go into majors that leave them without decent job prospects is a bad idea.

Women major in worthless degree-generating fields b/c they know they can just sling pussy on seekingarrangement.com if they have to. But the boys have no such option.

But I do agree groups like Men in Engineering are a good idea to help the guys who are looking at majors in underwater basket-weaving to reconsider the foolish notion.

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