California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia denies groping accusations

Article here. Excerpt:

'As a #MeToo activist, she's called on those accused of harassment to resign immediately – but she does not plan to do so herself.

"I don't know if I would go so far as to say that it's hypocritical. What I do know is that it's incredibly questionable," Fierro said.

"I'm going to be respectful of the process. I've been trying really hard to be respectful of people coming forward," Garcia said. "I've never had allegations like this against me."

Garcia has yet to be interviewed by investigators. She's on unpaid leave until the investigation is complete. There's no clear timeline on when that will be.'

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What good is h@ving rights if everybody else has them?

Rights are like desserts. They taste better when no one else at the table has one and you get to keep it ALLLLLL for yourself.

Plus she's female. Everyone knows #MeToo is about getting men dislodged from various positions, not women.

Silly voters.

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