Protesters Try Everything To Keep Fired Google Employee James Damore From Speaking But Totally Fail

Article here. Excerpt:

'A protester tried pulling the plug on fired Google employee James Damore and the rest of a panel at Portland State University Saturday by tampering with the audio system.

Portland State’s Freethinkers group hosted Damore, along with professor Peter Boghossian, writer Helen Pluckrose, and Evergreen State professors Bret Weinstein and Heather E. Heying, reported The College Fix.

Non-student protester Heather Clark, whose attempted dismantling of the panel’s sound system resulted in a 10-minute audio outage, received a second degree criminal mischief citation, as well as a two-year campus ban.

"I know that some were expecting a violent disruption,” Clark told The Fix. “I don’t think that was ever on the table. Bottom line, people like James Damore are absolutely not welcome here. We must make that clear. A small walkout and some equipment damage isn’t saying much, but it’s a whole lot louder than nothing.”'

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Miss Heather Clark just plain needs to get with her tribe. I suggest she contact Femen and start a chapter.

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No, seriously, why are these people so afraid of what he has to say?
Now I just have to know what he says!

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... that the biggest reason for the dearth of women in tech is a lack of interest in tech work on the part of women. Feminists think that once you set girls to writing code, they'll flock to it. But they don't. Well, a few like it. The rest don't. I've seen this in action.

Programming requires hours of sustained, focused attention in relative silence. To stay focused you need to limit topics of conversation to just the task at hand. It's a fair bit like the kind of copying work Medieval monks did. Notice nuns didn't do that kind of thing back then.

The average woman feels BAD in an environment like that. And to be fair, the average man doesn't much like it either. But to create working code, it is what's required. It's the nature of the type of effort.

There's a reason why programmers get paid what they do, and also why they need to sit through 4 or 5 interviews to get hired. Personality and knowledge are critical factors when looking at programmers. They have to mesh well interpersonally (regardless of indellible characteristics) with other ppl on the team and be knowledgable enough to contribute well.

Finding women who actually like to program AND can actually program is hard. Finding men who can do both is hard enough. The first programming language was invented by a woman. The first compiler, likewise. No one has sought to hide these facts or "bropropriate" their successes. It's just outside the typical to see women program, much less do so really well. But examples do exist, as history shows.

Because Damore had the temerity to state the foregoing, in so many words, he was chased out of Google.

I wouldn't work for Google for all the tea in China.

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