Even Justice Ginsburg Thinks Colleges Handle Misconduct Allegations Unfairly

Article here. Excerpt:

'Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said colleges and universities have not respected the due process rights of the accused when resolving allegations of sexual misconduct during public remarks earlier this week.

A feminist icon and patroness of the #MeToo movement, the justice expressed sympathy with widely-held perceptions about systemic injustice in college rape tribunals.

Ginsburg told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Rosen that women should never be afraid to complain about disparate treatment, but added that the accused must be handled fairly. She then noted that campus administrators often fail to abide by these tenets when adjudicating assault or harassment allegations.'

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... I'd suggest a big heaping of salt to go with HRH's statement. No judge dedicated to the principles of the Con'n can stand for anything short of presumed innocence and the burden of proof being with the accuser. HRH's sentiments fall way short of this. Any American judge worthy of the office finds campus kangaroo courts to be outrageous and has no trouble saying so.

She is hardly staking a courageous position. I don't accept "not bad for a feminist". If her great-neice or grand-daughter had a few beers and banged some guy at a party but later regretted it bc her friends started giving her shit for her choice of fuck-buddies so she later decided she was in fact RAPED, even knowing the details you can be sure HRH would be all about locking the guy up even if she knew full well the truth of things.

Beware feminists bearing gifts.

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