Woman pursues and murders driver in road rage incident

Article here. Excerpt:

'Marc Devoe, a Peabody construction worker, was on his lunch break from a project at the future Thorndike Exchange when he realized another driver that he may have cut off was following him, according to a police report.

"Someone is following us," Devoe told a coworker. "I think we have a problem."

Devoe was dead less than two hours later.

Devoe, 34, was killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest that police say the other driver fired following a confrontation near the Gallagher Intermodal Terminal.

That driver, Graciela Paulino, 20, of 1010 Gorham St., Unit 3, was ordered held without bail on Friday, arraigned on a single count of murder in Lowell District Court.'

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I'll bet there are people out there who think the victims underestimating the danger she posed because she was "just a girl" somehow makes it OK. Alas there are people in the world who are that myopic. Suppose there's a lesson: underestimate ANYONE who behaves all nutty at your own risk.

A man's veneer of strength is his greatest weakness. A woman's veneer of weakness is her greatest strength. Men underestimate women at their own peril. Look at the state most men are now in. For a lot of such men, it can be traced at least in part to underestimating women or a particular woman. Most people's less-than-admirable state is mostly on them. But people in your life can really contribute to its fucking up if you let them or fail to assess them accurately.

The typical woman can point and shoot as easily as the typical man. Guns are called "equalizers" for a reason. But guns don't kill people. Guns just make bullets move really fast. People kill people by pointing said guns at other people. They then pull the trigger and the gun makes the bullet go really fast. It then runs into a body. Then a bunch of medical stuff happens and most times, the body the bullet runs into dies. Terribly unfortunate. Further, even very physically weak people can use guns to kill people. 5-foot 0-inch 105-pound-dripping-wet females can and do use these gun things to kill people. Well, some do, anyway.

Colleges need courses on Toxic Femininity.

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Made men and women equal.

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