Three Female Teachers Face Felony Charges Over Alleged Sex Misconduct with Students

Article here. Excerpt:

'Three Texas teachers, accused of sexual misconduct, found themselves arrested and charged, or sentenced to a lengthy prison term within the past few days–all high school teachers, all women, and all of them face potentially serious consequences for alleged dalliances with underage male students.

On Monday, Nacogdoches County sheriffs arrested former Woden High School teacher Kelly Diann Searles, charging her with two counts of having improper relationships with two male students plus two counts of felony indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Concerns about Searles, 45, surfaced in early January when Woden Independent School District Superintendent Brady Taylor learned of allegations that she was texting a student, a violation of the school board’s policy regardless of the content of the conversations. Woden ISD launched a full investigation but uncovered no sexual contact between Searles and the student in question. Still, Searles resigned immediately for violating district texting policy.'

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