Men, Misandry, and Suicide Rates

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dr. Groth elaborated on this theme in a 2014 interview, in which he said that men and boys have come to hate themselves:

"This is a result of the image portrayed of them and of the roles they are compelled to play, but also given what they hear about themselves and, especially as young boys, come to believe about themselves. As a result of self-hate, the suicide rate of boys and men has increased at an alarming rate over the last twenty years. It is 4-6 times higher in teenage males than in female peers. The life expectancy of males is about seven years less than for females, compared to a two-year difference a century ago. College courses that are pro-male are now necessary to offset the misandric curriculum."

“Misandry” means contempt for men, but you don’t hear that word very much these days because it has been trumped by the word “misogyny,” thanks to the antics of third-wave feminism.'

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International Men's Day 2016 was convened to focus on male suicide rates internationally. Clearly this was an issue that focused on health and welbeing of men and boys at extremely higher risk of suicide than women, and could only be seen as a good event to support.
BUT, deeply entrenched misandry at the University of York (UK) resulted in all events planned to focus on this issue on International Men's Day being cancelled!

About 200 members of the university staff, students and alumni signed an open letter suggesting the reputation of the university could be damaged by aligning itself with the event.

“We believe that giving practical application to concepts of equality and diversity should be taken seriously by the university,” “However, we do not believe that this is furthered by the promotion of International Men’s Day in general"
“A day that celebrates men’s issues – especially those outlined in the university’s statement – does not combat inequality, but merely amplifies existing, structurally imposed, inequalities” (must be referring to white male privilege).

After reading about the entrenched misandry at University of York, I did a quick search at my university for International Men's Day and found no references at all. A similar search for International Women's Day found more than a thousand references.

I repeated the same searches at all universities in Australia and found a similar trend at all but one university. I was untterly shocked to realise that misandry was so entrenched in Australian universities, that no one even questioned it, or were too afraid to question it.

This is now my quick misandry test. No government institution, school, private business or media outlet has passed the IMD test yet!

Does your institution celebrate IMD and IWD or do the feminists in your institution theaten and shrill until only women's issues are heard?

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