Oscar-Winner Michael Haneke: #MeToo ‘Witch Hunt Should Be Left in the Middle Ages’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Haneke has slammed the ongoing #MeToo movement in a new interview, characterizing the campaign by women who have accused prominent individuals of sexual misconduct as a “witch hunt” that should be “left in the Middle Ages.”

“This new puritanism colored by a hatred of men, arriving on the heels of the #MeToo movement, worries me,” the 75-year-old Amour director said in an interview with the Austrian news outlet Kurier.

“This hysterical pre-judgment which is spreading now, I find absolutely disgusting,” Haneke said, according to a translation by Deadline. “And I don’t want to know how many of these accusations related to incidents 20 or 30 years ago are primarily statements that have little to do with sexual assault.”'

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This isn't puritanism. It's the weaponization of sexual misconduct allegations to serve the ideological aims of feminists and the personal and professional aims of some number of individual women. If only it were puritanism. It'd be a lot easier to deal with.

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Absolutely agree. This is an aggressive ideological war being waged by third wave feminists against men, weaponising women and their sexuality, with or without their consent.
The feminist definitions of sexual assault have been broadened to include any unwanted interactions, any touch, any regret or any lack of validation of third wave extreme feminist ideology. The single constant feature of these definitions and the current #metoo outrage is that only men are portrayed as perpetrators. Apparently women never abuse positions of power (lots of powerful women in Hollywood for decades), or rape children (a woman accused of the systematic rape of many children in Australia has avoided extradition from Israel over 5 years), or force sex on anyone (or fart). That is a red flag the size of Texas that no one is talking about.
This makes every male/female interaction a weapon, a weapon capable of destroying a life, a career, a reputation, a person, without trial, without evidence, without anything but an accusation and a hatefilled radical ideology.
Next comes the behind the scenes push for legislative law reform to increase the power of radical feminists, shift the burden of proof from the prosection to the accused based on the sex of the accused, and increase the number of convictions in sexual offenses, regardless of guilt, based on ideology rather than evidence.

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I don't believe he was attacking a religion, specifically. as happens, sometimes words/phrases over time, get associated w/ certain groups. what we are told started in Europe (witch trials) sadly got far too easily transferred here. the nat'l geo. program I was monitoring (audio) recently as I worked said 50k women were convicted and murdered by the puritans in this country in hideous ways, for the crime of being witches. the middle aged woman being historically presented had 12 of her fellow women stand up before a judge and swear she had bewitched them. many even acted out being attacked (mentally) while testifying. can you or I imagine that, or what would cause people to do that to one of their own?

after reading the comments I believe the readers got the message, in a big way. its looking like more and more people are finally waking up to being 'punked' by feminists.

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