BuzzFeed: "11 Men's Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals"

Article here. Excerpt:

'These moose knuckles, aka male bullllllges, flying effortlessly down the Olympic luge track, are a thing to behold.'

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"Holy cow, look at the ta-tas on those volleyball babes!"

"Those ta-tas are a sight to behold, bouncing joyfully up and down as Hottie Hotcheeks of Norway dives for that slam... dig deep sweetheart and hit that sand, ta-tas first and give it all you got!"

Unlike the author of the above fictional ta-ta piece, Miss Moose-bulge is probably going to get kicked upstairs for her "courageous" take on male lugers crotch-modeling.

The codpiece has been around since before Shakespeare. I do wonder what has become of it?

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