Sweden: Outraged woman crusades against dog park ‘patriarchy’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Stockholm resident wants to build a new dog park with one rule: no (dog) boys allowed.

In the Swedish capital, it’s socially verboten for female dogs in heat to frolic in dog parks, according to local news outlet StockholmDirekt.

The pooches aren’t partitioned without cause: It’s a widely held opinion that female dogs in heat shouldn’t be in close quarters with unneutered male dogs, who may get riled up from the interaction.

But artist Carola Kastman, owner of 5-month-old border collie-Doberman-Rottweiler mix, Coco, thinks it’s downright discriminatory that pups like hers are barred from Stockholm’s dog runs for the roughly three months per year they are menstruating.

“I could never have believed that patriarchy had entered the dog parks,” she tells StockholmDirekt.“This is a major political issue. I will not be happy until there’s at least one sex-separated dog run for female dogs in every neighborhood.”

Her “citizen’s proposal” to open a female-only dog park near her neighborhood of Sodermalm will be considered by the local government — although the chairman of Sodermalm’s district council declined to comment to StockholmDirekt “because he is not a dog owner himself.”'

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This is a good idea. It needn't be couched in feminist terms though. It's just a practical matter.

But I do have to ask: why aren't these ppl getting their dogs neutered?

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Some more of this madness being projected onto dogs:


"Female dogs, known in pure-bred circles as “bitches,” have snared Best in Show at Westminster 39 times since the award was first given in 1907. Males, known simply as “dogs,” have been victorious 71 times, almost twice as often." Gee, isn't that where the word "bitch" came from in the first place?

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Male dogs are generally bigger than females and thus make a bigger impression psychologically on the judges. So it stands to reason males would win Best of _____ more often.

One way to address it is to hand out his and hers Best of _____ awards.

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