The Factual Feminist: #MeToo: Movement or witch hunt?

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The #MeToo movement has the potential to correct long-tolerated abuses and to lead to a new era of understanding and respect between men and women –if it doesn't get hijacked by gender activists. AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers gives insight to how the movement should and shouldn't proceed if it wants to make progress.

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Men's dilemma not being addressed (of course)

Men have a dilemma as they're meant to form relationships and take the initiative, but commit “sexual harassment” if they misjudge a woman's interest. Yet I don't see much discussion from that perspective in the mainstream media.

Essentially, men are in a no-win situation in that they're considered Peter Pan man-children, wimps, etc. if they don't show interest and take initiative, but can be considered doing anything from harassment to sexual assault if they misjudge a woman's interest.

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Among other things, MGTOW is a rejection of common standards by which men are judged and judge themselves by. This is why MGTOW is so popular among men.

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