UK: Falsely-accused man finally cleared after 70 weeks

Article here. Excerpt:

'A HIGH-FLYING bank worker has told how he was left wanting to take his own life after bungling cops took 70 weeks to clear him after a false rape allegation was made by his bitter ex-girlfriend.

Paul Faulkner, from Hertfordshire, had everything going for him with a well-paying job earning more than £100,000 a year at a central London bank when his life was turned upside down.

His house was raided by four police officers and he was arrested on suspicion of assault, actual bodily harm, sexual assault, coercive control and threats to kill after his bitter ex made a string of false claims.

Reliving the nightmare he said: “I thought about taking my life, just because it felt easier than coping with it all.

“I had given the police all the evidence, I was not guilty and yet I was treated like a violent criminal who had already been convicted.'

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