Katie Roiphe on attacks by "Twitter feminists"

Video here. Description:

'Author and journalist Katie Roiphe has written provocatively about feminism in the past, so when a magazine piece of hers about the #MeToo movement was announced, Twitter exploded, with criticism denouncing her before her story was even published. Roiphe discusses how an Orwellian "thought police" on feminist orthodoxy has invaded social media at a time when thoughtful discussion of sexual harassment is needed.'

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At best, religions can be quite benign. Believers believe, replacing verifiable fact with faith that X is true. This CAN lead to very benign outcomes most esp. when the believer(s) hold as part of their beliefs a "to each his own" mentality toward non-believers. But when tolerance for non-believers/heterodoxy, or even a whiff of it as is true in this case, leads to wild-eyed manic protests, etc., well, there's a problem.

Religious thinking isn't born merely of believing things true that are not proven nor provable to a reasonably certain degree. It also includes believing things in spite of provable facts, even to contradict them. And worse, it may include insisting others do likewise.

The knee-jerk pre-emptive reaction to Roiphe's article prior to publication is also a good example of what I call "anticipatory outrage", something seen among religions but also outside of them. It happens even when there MAY be a challenge against the orthodoxy, prior to any facts seen.

The atmosphere today around feminism reminds me of how I imagine things are in certain Muslim countries today. Should a man even be accused of blasphemy, etc., it's enough to produce angry crowds demanding his head. Certain Muslim countries aren't alone in this. It can be seen also among a portion if the Israeli population when someone proposes a new law they object to (the MSM isn't covering this, of course). At times during the Middle Ages, ppl accused of blasphemy, etc. in Christian Europe faced significant danger from angry mobs or summary judgments by religious bodies that actually had authority over ppl.

We're seeing the same kind of madness here now in America, only it's from feminists/SJWs. Facts don't sway them, nor does reason. Instead of facts and critical thinking, they accept despite contrary evidence such assertions as the wage gap, gender discrimination being rampant, etc. They take these assertions on faith, contrary to fact.

Feminism/"progressivism" is America's hottest religion, at least in terms of the attention it gets and deference to its dogma.

At some point, religious mania subsides. Then it's followed by a relatively docile, peaceful era, then something else comes along: a new religion of some kind, usually. It's in the form at times of a new political movement (think fascism and communism), social movement, or another religion. Then the whole thing starts all over.

Wonder what comes after #MeToo/feminism? I won't be alive to see it though, I'm pretty sure.

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