Harvard University Bans Single-Gender Clubs — Unless They're Women-Only

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last year, Harvard University took the unprecedented step of banning on- and off-campus single-gender organizations. The ban targeted sororities and fraternities, but also "unrecognized single-gender social organizations" called "Finals Clubs" that served as gathering places for the school's legacy students.

In early February, after several rounds of appeals, the school finalized the ban — but, because of a campus-wide outcry from feminists, only leaders and members of "male-focused" single-gender clubs will face repercussions from Harvard's administration.

According to Harvard, the single-gender clubs "propagated exclusionary values" and maintained "forms of privilege" that the school found distasteful and outdated. Those who remain in such clubs, reports Reason Magazine, risk being barred "from leadership positions, athletic teams, and scholarships."'

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