Stanford caught lying about gender bias in financial aid decisions

Article here. Excerpt:

'Do you want a better financial-aid offer from Stanford’s $225,000 MBA program? Self-identify as a woman.

The elite university was caught lying to applicants going back to 2008 by claiming that “financial assistance was determined solely by a student’s calculated financial need.” Its average awards actually favored women over men regardless of their finances.

The Wall Street Journal reports that eight years of financial data (2008-2015) on a shared storage drive were accessible to the entire Graduate School of Business for six months.
In a campuswide email following his meeting with Allcock, Levin tried to spin Allcock’s findings (by then widely available on campus) by claiming that Stanford was actually just giving “incremental fellowship awards” to applicants “whose biographies make them particularly compelling and competitive in trying to attract a diverse class.”

Those “incremental” awards – which Levin admits Stanford never disclosed – just happen to favor women and domestic students regardless of their finances.'

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