"Men Must Be Excluded From Feminism To Stop It From Becoming All About Them"

Article here. Excerpt:

'In recent years, the cry of "we need more men in feminism" and "we must include men" has been creeping in. To counter the accusations of man-hating that feminists like me face all the time, many of the more liberal, "fun" feminists bend over backwards to tell men that feminism will fail without their intervention. But the whole point of the women's liberation movement is that is challenges and seeks to overthrow male supremacy, and to liberate women from the shackles of patriarchy. it goes without saying that most men will take exception to this. We wish to remove the privilege they are granted at birth. Feminism is a threat to men, and so it should be.

Hashtags like #HeForShe, and fem-lite books like Hot Feminist have not only not helped, but have in fact hindered progress towards equality. When The Guardian columnist Owen Jones wrote an articlein praise of Emma Watson's initiative, he got to be the good guy without actually doing anything. On the day the article was published Jones's Twitter feed was dancing with praise from women. It's a bit like those men who say they "babysit" their own children or occasionally iron their own shirt. Women describe them as "good," when in fact they are barely pulling their weight.

"Poor men suffer from sexism too," pleaded Jones in his piece, explaining that Watson first became a feminist because she felt bad that her male friends were unable to express their feelings. Whatever Watson's concern about the men in her life is, it is typical of a man to manage to make feminism about men and their "feelings."

Imagine an iconic civil rights activist saying that s/he became involved in black liberation struggles because s/he felt bad about how white people felt in it all?'

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Feminists and men don't mix. Feminists really should keep men completely out of their fold.

I mean, why would Nazis ever want Jews among them? Same idea.

But I for one happily welcome both sexes to the MRM.

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I have no interest in becoming a feminist.

Feminists believe women should have rights but no responsibilities and men should have responsibilities but no rights.

What this piece makes very clearly is that feminism offers no benefits to men. Of course, I've been saying that for many years. Glad to see a feminist agree.

The only time a man becomes a feminist is if he hopes it will get him some.

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