Formula 1 "Grid Girls" Slam Feminists Who Put Them Out of Work

Article here. Excerpt:

'Late last month feminists celebrated a victory, after convincing Formula 1 racing to get rid of its gird girls. Now the women who lost their jobs are slamming the feminists for their unwanted interference.

At the end of January, Formula 1 announced that it had decided to end its use of the pretty models who interact with the crowd and carry the names of sponsors on their clothing. The grid girls will be gone commencing with the new season which starts at the end of March.

“While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 grands prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms,” said managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches.

“We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world,” Bratches added.

But now the women who have just lost their jobs are slamming the decision and the interference of the feminists who lobbied the sport to fire the girls.'

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Remember: It's OK for women to check out women, and men men. Sometimes it's OK for women to check out men. But men checking out women is bad, Bad, BAD!! It's as bad as rape.

It's as bad as getting raped.

"Mom, he's looking at me!"

I've noticed the less attention I pay to women the more likely they are to approach me to blather about this or that. Go figure.

Tbh I see no reason to check out women in "real life". Why bother. I can check out hot women in scanty clothing or who are stark naked and fucking like rabbits just by doing a one-second Internet search. Besides, checking out women only leads to talking to them, which as most men now know is a bad idea unless you're VERY sure she's safe to talk to. Why chance it?

Just sayin' what's true but what no one else wants to say.

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In case you didn't click on Matt's link, here's the full title:

"Feminism: the haunting fear that some women may be beautiful (and some men might be looking at them)"

I've often thought of a feminist as a woman who is afraid that some man, somewhere might be having a good time.

But I love this new definition.

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The surest way a man can piss off a feminist is to be happy. When you think about it, feminism in its misandry represents a bizarre kind of... well, codependency. I can't think of a better word. A codependent is a person who in some way systematically assumes responsibility for another's psycho-emotional state. Usually it's in the form of wanting someone else to be happier and the codependent works hard to "make" another person happy. Try as they might, it's never enough. That is bc ultimately, your feeling state says much more about you than your surroundings, incl. who else is in your life. Codependency is a kind of neurosis as well as it hinging on self-aggrandizement. The underlying assumption is that one is powerful enough to be able to make someone feel a certain way. That is by and large incorrect.

In the case of feminism, it assumes responsibility for men's feelings states only in this case it rejoices in male misery ("I bathe in male tears", etc.). Opposite desired outcome, but the same phenomenon.

After decades of life I have arrived at a place wherein I have no interest at all either in "making" others feel good, or bad. Tbh I have stopped giving a fuck abt how others feel. It's their problem, not mine. But I do confess to this one exception: I like making women come. That's as far as it goes and further it is the practical limit to what I can/will do for her. Other than that, she's on her own. Now this doesn't mean I can't actually act like a friend to her, listen some to her gripes, etc. I can. I'd do the same for a male friend. But my point is this, insofar as "making" anyone feel anything, getting some chick I'm shagging to bang it off hard is the limit.

Since arriving at this place, my life has been sooo much simpler and happier. And somewhere, that really pisses off some feminist. :)

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