Scotland: New law on gender balance passed

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women make up just over 50% of the Scottish population, but currently make up only 45% of public board membership.

The new law sets an objective for at least 50% of non-executive members on all boards to be women by 2022.

The legislation was passed by 88 votes to 28, with the Scottish Conservatives voting against.

It will apply to colleges, universities and some public bodies including health boards, enterprise agencies, the Scottish Police Authority and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.
Under the new rules, where a minister is faced with two or more equally qualified candidates for a public board position, they will be required to give preference to female candidates as a "tie-breaker".'

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It's hardly a glaring gender imbalance, folks. Hell it may be w/in error margin.

But once feminist nuttiness has taken over, there's nothing to be done but to let the fever run its course.

What'll be so regrettable is watching what happens to Scotland as a result of such policies. When competence is determined by sex versus actual competence, bad things are the inevitable consequences.

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