Better-educated men = healthier women and mothers in the developing world

Article here. Excerpt:

'Public-health agencies have long stressed the importance of good education in improving the health of women and young mothers in the developing world. Less focus has been put on the men in these women's lives, however - specifically, how the level of education of partners and fathers, or lack of it, affects how the women care for themselves as sexually active people and expectant mothers.

Now a study by an African demographer at Université de Montréal shows that the more schooling a man has, the more likely his partner will look after her body before and after she gets pregnant, by using contraception, getting prenatal exams or having her child delivered by a health professional. The finding is based on analysis of recent standardized surveys of couples in 32 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and five in Asia.

"My hypothesis going into this study was that many men play an important role in their partner's reproductive and maternal heath," said lead author and UdeM adjunct professor Vissého Adjiwanou, an immigrant from Togo who spends half his academic year at UdeM and the other half at the Centre for Actuarial Research (CARe), at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. "What surprised me was that to have a major effect, the men must actually be better-educated: high school or higher."'

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As go the men of a society, so go the women. History and anthropology don't lie, unless the historians or anthropologists have it wrong or are lying themselves.

The most reliable way to improve the actual, on-the-ground economic and social well-being of the average woman is to make sure the men around them are in good shape. Things proceed readily from there. This has been demonstrated via lived experience through ALL of human history.

The feminist utopia sees a handful of women doing quite well while most women and all men are wallowing in pig shit. They insist their agenda doesn't end up that way but indeed if you think it through, that's exactly what you end up with.

I'm not suggesting the health, education, and welfare of women in the third world should be neglected in favor of men's. I am suggesting that the health, education, and welfare of both men and women (and the kids!) should be the focus of entities seeking to improve the lives of such people rather than focusing exclusively on the women and girls.

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