Self-proclaimed feminist stars keep attacking Sarah Sanders for her looks

Article here. Excerpt:

'Hollywood women have banded together like never before on issues including pay inequality and sexual harassment, declaring that women all over the world need to stick together and be supportive of one another. But experts say several stars aren't practicing what they preach when it comes to Donald Trump's press secretary, Sarah Sanders.

Self-proclaimed activist Chelsea Handler wrote in an op-ed for Thrive in Dec. 2016: "Let's stop it with the dialogue about how women look or what they wear, or if they've gained or lost weight. We are more guilty of this with each other than most men are."

Cher has often spoken out about the sexualization of women, declaring at the Women's March on Jan. 20 that she "believe[s] in this movement."

But both stars recently attacked Sanders solely over her looks.

Cher tweeted to Sanders on Tuesday to "stop dressing like a sister wife." After fans slammed Cher for the hurtful tweet, she followed up by admitting it was "kinda mean" but "so funny."'

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Normally when feminists behave like feminists, I don't consider it that much relevant to the MRM simply because the substantive issues MRAs have deserve much more attention than does the behavior of spoiled so-called feminist women acting, well, like feminist women.

But this episode underscores a feature of feminism that is critical. It's this: It's turned into a religion, and as such also an identity group. It has all the hallmarks not just as a religion but further, it exemplifies religion in its less-attractive/-constructive form.

Religions CAN be very positive things for humanity. If ppl actually implement most modern religions, very good things result. Problem is, most self-professed religious ppl don't actually implement their own claimed religion's value and belief systems. The kind of religion they embrace is "identity religion" and all that comes with it: group-think, orthodoxy, persecutions, exclusive/us-them thinking, and worse.

Feminism has all the features of a religion in the identity sense. Not good for anyone, such lines of thinking. It's responsible for too much history, much of it quite regrettable.

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