Bill would give judges in Maryland the power to vacate men's parental rights upon an accusation of rape

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act is a high-priority bill. It has the backing of the House Speaker and Senate president. Hogan said this should be considered emergency legislation and he wants it to land on his desk quickly.

"This is a great way to start the session, in a nonpartisan, bipartisan way, on a really important issue where we all agree," Hogan said.

The bill allows rape survivors who become pregnant by their attacker to petition the court to remove his parental rights, even if there is no conviction. Current law requires a felony rape conviction to remove those rights.

"No rapist should be allowed to maintain their right as a parent, and no victim should ever be forced to interact with their attacker," Hogan said.

Instead of the court using the yardstick of 'beyond a reasonable doubt,' the bill gives judges the authority to remove the parental rights of an accused rapist. This would not be a criminal proceeding and would have no impact on potential criminal cases.'

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Society run of, by, and for men? A system that is designed to allow men to act (rape) with impunity?

Boy meets girl. Boy fucks girl. Girl gets pregnant. Girl doesn't want boy in her life in any way for whatever reason. Girl accuses boy of rape. Boy loses parental rights (such as they are) but still has to pay girl child support.

Looks pretty damned patriarchal to me!

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. . . do they plan on removing parental rights for women accused of rape too? Does this mean that female teachers who get pregnant as a result of molesting boys will have to forfeit their parental rights and be barred from receiving child support from their victims? These are important questions that no one seems to want to ask in regards to this bill.

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Nymphotropism knows NO limits.

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another tool in their tool box.

feminist lawyer: well, it doesn't look good for you my dear on the issue of custody. you were caught selling crack, meth and soliciting prostitution to an undercover cop. how about if you accuse your husband of rape, molestation of your children and d.v.?

wife: but he didn't ..

f.l.: we really don't need any proof. we get the right judge and he will be lucky to stay out of prison for a long time. the lawyer fees alone will break him and then we can put him in prison for sure when he loses his job and can't pay his alimony and c.s. whoosh! slam dunk. you free for dinner tonight to discuss ...?

farfetched u say? yeah. never happen u say? I think 50,000 burned alive 'witches' in America might beg to differ.

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