Men in France could face €90 fines for making sexist comments in the street

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new government report recommends the €90 fine for "behavior that is an infringement of the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security."

The goal is to battle the long-standing problem of so-called "everyday sexism" on France's streets.

The politicians who worked on the report were tasked with defining what constitutes "sexual outrage" and how to punish it. 

Earlier reports suggested wolf-whistling would be subject to on-the-spot fines, but there is no mention of this in the new parliamentary report, according to La Croix newspaper.'

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Police in at least some European countries collect fines for things like speeding from the accused and only does the accused get his money back if he's found not guilty in a court. Looks like they're taking the same approach.

So imagine this: some woman doesn't like something her bf says or does, or maybe just doesn't like a particular man. She merely goes to a cop and says he whistled at her. With no way to prove or disprove anything, it's up to the cop to decide whether to cite the man and then get 90 euro from him. If he doesn't want to or can't pay, the cop can arrest him and hold him in jail until he coughs up the money somehow.

He then needs to show he's innocent to get his money back in any case. Result: accused = guilty and the state makes lots of money off it.

I wonder if feminists realize that the more they succeed in getting laws passed that give women ever more power to fuck with men, the less incentive they give men to be nice to them. You're guilty no matter what. May as well do the crime if they're going to assume you're always guilty anyway, right?

It isn't logical but people aren't always very logical creatures.

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