"Will #MeToo be a turning point for younger girls, too?"

Article here. Excerpt:

'She said she has also noticed a "huge difference" in relationships with boys. Girls and boys used to feel afraid and ashamed to talk about difficult topics such as rape and consent, but #MeToo has "broken that barrier and made us feel more comfortable" discussing these issues, she said.

Boys also seem to be more comfortable asking questions they might have been afraid or reluctant to ask before, Allegra said. Questions such as, what is healthy masculinity?
They are also getting mixed messages in the classroom, Hurley said.

"We have this dichotomy where girls consistently outperform boys in the classroom, but boys consistently out-talk girls in the classroom," she said.
"Just as girls need to learn to stand up to behavior that silences them, boys need to learn how and when to stand down," Hurley said. "Teaching boys not only to respect their female peers, but to embrace what they have to offer, plays an integral role in shifting the current narrative that holds girls back."'

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It isn't enough the girls get vaunted academically, outperforming boys, but now they need to stop talking at school so the girls can yammer more. So the quotee's idea is that boys should go to school but do worse than girls AND not say much.

Why send boys to school at all?

I have an idea: into the legions with them. Roman boys entered the legion as young as 15 and spent the next 16-20 years marching with full kit, practicing swordsmanship with the gladius using armor and weapons twice as heavy as actual battle kit, trained in the javelin, drilled at close quarters for hours on end, and built bridges, dams, roads, and learned all manner of trade skills. Life was so busy and disciplined that going into battle was relatively relaxing in many cases. On battle days you didn't have to march 10 miles with 70-100 lbs. laden on your body. It was practically a day off.

By 35 or 40 they left the legion and took up farming, started a business, went into a trade, or went into politics.

They banged local women and Army hookers.

I say we go back to that. I think the boys'd enjoy that life a great deal more than what they have now.

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I think if anything, boys are now more afraid to interact with girls, since everything including looking at them wrong is considered sexual assault. Heck, the boys even speaking in the classroom is considered a form of assault, as admitted by the author of this article. These fembots aren't even trying to hide their hatred of boys and men anymore.

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... sex-bots have such a bright future. Boys will due to bizarre feminist-inspired rules and policies in schools find fucking androids to be a far more attractive opportunity than even trying to chat up a human female. Besides, why bother when the hot android bot at home won't falsely accuse of so much as looking at her but will instead let you fuck her repeatedly without complaint.

Feminism is the sex-bot android developers' dream come true. If it weren't for feminism, men'd still be doing ridiculous things like marrying women, handing over their pay to them and h@ving kids with women they probably didn't want anyway. Now there's a market for sex-bots that promises countless billions in revenue to whoever can get a reasonably passable but highly-functional sex-bot to the masses of men ready to stop renting human vaginas at ludicrous risk and cost.

Most regulars know I am concerned abt human overpopulation. One way to get men away from the exploitative and ruthless "family" standard that sticks men with the bill for women's repro agenda and is responsible for our overpopulation is to get us banging androids instead of human females. In one fell swoop, our problems with women/feminists are solved: we don't even need to deal with them. Falsely accuse all you like, I fuck robots. :) Between that and the plummeting sperm count among human males (but alas, not all -- there's hope though), there may yet be hope for a "catastrophic" collapse of the human population, leading hopefully to large areas of the developed world (cities, etc.) being reclaimed by nature.

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