Report: Male Writer Fired from ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ After Complaining About ‘Toxic’ Bullying

Article here. Excerpt:

'The male head writer of Megyn Kelly Today was fired after complaining about the show’s reported toxic environment of bullying and harassment, reports the Daily Mail.

Kevin Bleyer, an Emmy winner with a resume that includes the Daily Show and a stint writing speeches for former President Obama, served as the head writer of Megyn Kelly’s hour of the Today Show until he reportedly complained directly to NBC News president Noah Oppenheim about the alleged abusive nature of the show’s top producers, Jackie Levin and Christine Cataldi.

Some of the alleged abuse is directed at female staffers.'

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... if it's done by men... against women. Women who harass or are abusive to anyone are OK. They're powerful. So stop being SEXIST!

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