Commentary: The feminist war on common sense

Article here. Excerpt:

'Here’s where we get to the heart of the matter: Contemporary feminism isn’t really about getting results. It’s not about treating men and women as human beings with equal rights, equal agency and equal worth. It’s a blind pursuit of a goofy ideology, no matter the cost to women. Men and women are different, and despite the best efforts of our friends at Vox, that’s probably not going to change. But that’s only because we’re “socialized” that way, today’s feminists tell us. To rectify the situation, among other things, young women should act like the most boorish of men, hooking up early and often and without a second thought. “I don’t wander into casual sex expecting it to yield a relationship,” wrote one woman recently in The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, after spending hundreds of words describing herself doing exactly that.

Clearly, our “sexual ethic” is a train wreck mixed with a dumpster fire mixed with a five-hour toddler birthday party with unlimited cookies and soda at your local Chuck E. Cheese. Today’s feminists are right about one thing: Our culture is in desperate need of repair. The first step, however, involves ignoring a large chunk of advice from feminists. No offense, but I suspect their “help” will only make things worse.'

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