Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult

Article here. Excerpt:

'Google engineer James Damore’s class action complaint describes a creepy cult-like orthodoxy at Google, where dissent is smashed, and the color of your skin is far more important than the content of your character. Reading the complaint is a deep dive into wicked, racial groupthink, and a frightening reminder that it really can happen here. At Google, it does.
This article cannot possibly capture all of the rancid, racialist, thuggish things going on at Google, so I’d urge you to take time to read the whole complaint. It’s like reading Solzhenitsyn’s travel log from Ekibastuze. It reveals nothing short of the psychologies of totalitarianism in their timeless forms. The purges. The moral relativism. The threats. The lists of enemies.  The upside-down world of the wicked justifying their wickedness.
Damore’s worst sin at Google was to be white and male and to presume that shouldn’t matter. In this, Damore was up against the roaring prevailing winds from the Left, where "whiteness" is wickedness, where "maleness" is a construct, and where the bright young things at the tech giant are remaking the world in their own image.

Just like Jim Crow of yesteryear, Google “formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits, but rather memberships in groups with assumed characteristics,” the complaint reads.'

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... how they can think/act this way and not see that they are the problem, read this. They know full well they are indeed intolerant bigots. That's the whole idea. This is why reasoning with them isn't possible. The only thing you can do is throw them out.

Once ppl decline to pursue equity and race/gender-blindness in the name of inflicting their idea of justice ("social justice") on whites/males/heterosexuals/etc.), you'll see why such ppl are rarely re-claimable -- though you can try.

Churchill once observed that a man infected by Wahabbism was like a dog infected with hydrophobia (rabies). He could not be cured and must be killed before he kills you.

Since SJW types fall short of killing whites/males/heterosexuals, I wouldn't recommend murder as a response to them. The point of my Churchill quote is that there are ideologies that are so seductive that once in place, de-programming the person is nigh onto impossible. Like religious extremists, threatening death, violence, being violent, being ruled by anger, seeing outrage everywhere, etc., is all part of the M.O. And bringing someone out of the trance-like state of binary thinking around good v. evil and by-any-means-necessary approaches is very hard.

If you know anyone who has become an SJW, like a Wahabbiist or fentanyl addict, you just have to accept that they are lost to you. Rough, I know, but not much else you can do.

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