University Class Will Analyze ‘Violent White Masculinity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A spring course at Ohio State University will analyze the “construction of violent white masculinity.”

According to a report from The College Fix, a new course at The Ohio State University will focus on “white male masculinity” and its manifestations. One of the course’s assigned readings focuses exclusively on the “construction of violent white masculinity.”

Jackson Katz, in his article about the “construction of violent white masculinity,” argues that media portrayals of “white masculinity” glorify violence. “The appeal of violent behavior for men, including its rewards, is coded into mainstream advertising in numerous ways,” Katz writes.

The course’s instructor, Jonathan Branfman, describes the course in the syllabus as an exploration of various expressions of masculinity. “This course analyzes cultural ideas about masculinity, and how they relate to ideas about race, sexuality, and citizenship,” the syllabus reads. “Because we will emphasize how masculine expectations vary between cultures, places, and eras, we will use the plural term masculinities. The class introduces students to foundational feminist and queer analytical tools about masculinities, and especially the field known as men’s studies or feminist masculinity studies.”'

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Feminist masculinity studies? Isn't that just the gendered equivalent of "KKK African American Studies"?

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