"We’re Not Done Here"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The terms of this war of sex and power have changed, and so have the weapons. Physical violence and threat won’t work for you here. You are trying to fight against whispers and rumors and inference, against righteous rage, against charges of hypocrisy, exploitation, and crass dehumanization that hit home with career-ending accuracy. And you’re trying to fight this war with an arsenal you don’t know how to use, against an army that has been training with these weapons for generations, because these tools of emotional warfare are the only ones they have ever been allowed, because they are women.

You are going to lose.

I don’t care that you’re fighting on your home terrain, that you’ve always been told that sex and power belonged to you and you could set the terms. You want to fight women over who has been more wronged in the field of sex and power. A lot of people also tried to invade Russia in the winter.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but women are not out of control here. They are very, very angry. There’s a difference. Turns out that this is not a runaway train, that women are still driving this sexual revolution — for that is what it is — and the pain and rage fueling the engines are far more profound than we wanted to imagine. It turns out that women want more. More than the right simply to go about our working lives without being constantly sexually harassed. More from men than just being able to keep their fool hands to themselves in the office. It turns out that this is also about the bedroom. It always has been. It’s terrifying, I know, but yes — women want more, women expect better, and it’s time we got it.'

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After WWII, Patton wanted the US to invade Russia and overturn the Bolshevik revolution. He figured better to fight WWIII while Russia was weak and exhausted from fighting Germany vs. doing so after they recovered. That was the ostensible reason. The actual reason was probably more like he was high on being victorious and wanted to keep that high feeling going. It's like how a distance runner who wins a race says he wants to keep running right after it. The Jim Fixx syndrome.

Pressing an advantage is a well-proven way to acquire greater gains -- but it must be done wisely. It's also possible to over-extend yourself or over-play your hand in a card game.

Feminists have been racking up wins for decades. The casualties against men they have inflicted via #MeToo have been big catches for them.

At some point in their frenzy they'll go a bridge too far. But before then, a lot of innocent men will be ruined.

If a man uses his position to sexually harass others, he should be taken down, IMO. Same for a woman. That is what #MeToo was originally about. It's morphed now into a weapon to facilitate the feminist agenda: topple men from positions they covet and use these acts to further the goal of getting feminist women to replace them. It starts with media but will soon progress to other lines of work.

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