An idea for women to avoid contact with men

It just came to me. Certain women/girls, probably feminists but not necessarily, may for whatever reasons seek to avoid contact with men/boys. They avoid starting conversations with men, eye contact, etc. They limit contact to just absolutely necessary interactions. And there is a greater chance such women will conclude quickly that something he says is unwanted/offensive/etc. It's better therefore for men to avoid initiating contact with such women. But how can you tell who are the "Buzz off, man" kind?

How about this: women who want minimal contact with men can pin a small red reflective disc to their shirt/blouse/etc. Red of course represents "stop", like a red traffic light. We call them Minimal Male Contact Badges", or MMCBs for short.

By "minimal," it is understood not to mean "No Contact" but instead necessary contact only. So for example if she needs the help of a male cop or fire-fighter, of course they can exchange words. If a male server attends her at a diner, it's understood he must talk to her. But unless he needs to convey necessary information to her or has a need to get same from her in particular, the MMCB acts as a *request* for minimal contact. Sporting one it should be noted creates no obligation on mens' parts to comply.

Now MANN readers, I ask for your opinions on this idea. Please comment.

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It does not sound practical. There are already many people who want minimal contact with strangers for whatever reason (maybe they are just introverts, maybe they had a bad day, etc).  They already know how to communicate this, such as no eye contact, no smile, put on headphones, etc. I doubt they want to remember to pin something on their clothing everyday,  Besides, the public tends to be disrespectful, sounds like it would attract more attention than help.

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but not so far off base. maybe men/parents need to be more preemptive in their interactions w/ the privileged class. for instance:

how about guy's parents start setting up divorce funds for their sons? lots of us have set up college funds that didn't get used. if the current trend of giving women and minorities a pass on admissions/grades/fund$/etc. continues, sooner than later there will be little chance of any guy going on to college, unless maybe he has already shown some superior intelligence or athletic abilities colleges want.

let's face it, most of the guys who get blindsided by the 'family courts' are young, and know nothing of the predatory nature of our 'honorable' court system. since the vast majority of divorces are filed for by women, he probably won't even see it coming. young and broke, and he is not allowed to have any $$ of his own once she gets a lawyer; and, he will most likely be required to pay for just about everything. if children are involved, and most likely they will be, he will also be hit w/ heavy and recurring expenses like c.s, alimony, lawyer fees (both), court fees, and who knows what other expenses? if he loses his job or mind (temporarily), he will be put in jail and forever have his earning abilities severely hampered. in today's atmosphere of false allegations (auto-guilt) he may never land a good job again.

this can easily be the route any guy can follow merely by having relations w/ a woman. divorce is a lot more common than a college diploma for a guy these days. according to logic, and stats, even a little planning ahead by his parents could help a guy out immensely once he enters the male meat grinder known as 'family court'.

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Undoubtedly a fair number of these complaints are likely genuine. While western feminists are shitting themselves over "manspreading" and act utterly shocked that quid pro quo sex happens in Hollywood, there are parts of the world wherein certain classes of men may feel that they can act with impunity in ways most western men would find very troubling to say the least. Some societies haven't quite evolved to a point wherein behavior that readily arisee to the legal definition of sexual harassment (or rape by coercion) is viewed as anything unusual. But western feminists, fearing accusations of cultural imperialism, racism, etc., stay quiet about it.

As #MeToo accusations quickly became weaponized approaches merely to toppling prominent or powerful men in Hollywood, etc., I can see how they'd get weaponized as well in this case. The article specifically says that replacing men accused of sexual misconduct with women would help a lot. Same playbook, different field.

Though to be fair, the UN has become vestigial. Its purpose was to avoid WWIII by keeping nuclear powers talking publicly and allowing non-nuclear powers a voice, as it's also their planet that'd get devastated. But the UN no longer really serves this purpose anymore. They've been side-stepped. The only things it seems to be doing is going into countries and handing out food and medicine which more often as not gets sold by those who receive it to those in need. Or worse still, it gets diverted to the country's military or its leaders.

Still, I suppose it does some good. After #MeToo gets done with it, I suppose we'll see what shape it's left in. If judging by how H-wood got blasted, it probably won't be that pretty.

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