Job Site Finds Women 48 Percent More Likely To Get Hired Than Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'A job site found Monday that women are 48 percent more likely to get hired than men.

TalentWorks, a site specializing in mentoring and matching applicants to jobs, reported the statistic after analyzing over 4,000 job applications. The site also laid out 10 tips, such as using buzzwords, applying on Mondays instead of Fridays, and not listing oneself as a “team player” to improve employment prospects.

“Resumes with obviously female names had a +48.3% higher chance of getting an interview,” said Kushal Chakrabarti, CEO of TalentWorks in the report. “Dozens of studies show that women often don’t get what they deserve (basically) because they don’t ask for it. This shows that, when women do ask for what they deserve, they’re often recognized for it. [Emphasis theirs]”'

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But... that a woman is interviewing a candidate doesn't nec'y mean she is biased in favor of women. In today's pro-woman climate though, it stands to reason that anyone, male or female, may be biased in favor of hiring women. Also since ppl are taught now that a rather shameless bias in favor of women isn't a form of prejudice against men, they feel they can consciously operate in a pro-woman/anti-man fashion and it's all good.

Women outnumber men in the US labor force but at the same time they outnumber men in almost all US states, so that stands to reason.

The stats in the links above are a few years old but I doubt too much has changed since then.

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