Korea: Kang Hyuk Min sues Han Seo Hee and her followers for labeling him a 'rapist-in-training'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Actor Kang Hyuk Min has sued Han Seo Hee.

Back in November last year, the actor had posted about Han Seo Hee reading,

"I think Han Seo Hee is out of her mind.
The feminism I know supports equality among men and women, but she curses out all men, makes fun of them, and puts them down.
The public doesn't listen to her, and real feminists do not support her.
She pollutes the meaning of 'feminism' in Korea, gives them a bad image, and actual feminists find her uncomfortable.
Now, when the public sees her, they just see her as someone who could not heal her injuries from the embarrassment and various comments that came from her scandal with a famous celebrity. That injury has festered, and that damaged person is praised by people who look down on men. It just looks like diseased people are just licking each other."

In response to his criticism, Han Seo Hee had labeled him a 'rapist-in-training', and her followers rushed to his Instagram to leave hate comments. On January 7, he revealed that he had sued Han Seo Hee and 10,000 commenters.'

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