New page added re what makes feminists/SJWs tick

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Thanks for this frank analysis of the feminist/SJW mindset. They're not interested in fairness so much as a gender class warfare using allegations of harassment and misconduct to knock men in high places down and replace them with like minded women.

I wonder what tactic would be most effective to counter this ever encroaching infringement on the legitimate rights and well-being of men and boys. What would Sun Tzu etc. suggest?

I'd like to share this with other men's issues groups, with proper citation of course.

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Absatively, feel free to spread it far and wide. I hope it prompts a discussion among MRAs and counter-SJWs about just such a thing as a counter-strategy. One thing I've thought of: accusations of witchcraft. I think if we start accusing feminists and whacko SJWs of witchcraft or demonic possession, it would put them on the defensive and also point out how ludicrous their behavior is. By supplying a contrast to their nuttiness with our own, it might break the spell as it were on so many people who atm take their nuttiness so seriously.

But of course such is a Hail Mary pass at best. I do believe we can't afford to play paddy-cake anymore. The threat these idiots represent to common human decency and basic trust is too great, and too many otherwise decent men have been ruined by them.

"Attack where the enemy is weak, from a position of strength." -- Sun Tzu, in so many words. Also: "All strategy is based upon deception." Or as "The Great Kenshi" Miyamoto Musashi put it in "A Book of Five Rings": "Do not let the enemy see your spirit." Whatever we come up with has to be kept secret in its own way, but as Musashi also said: "Enact strategy broadly, correctly and openly." At some point, you do have to show your hand but if it's the right hand, by then, it'll be too late for the enemy to stop it.

MRAs have been assailing feminists where we have perceived them to be weak now for decades: reason. Feminists' arguments are specious and illogical. We have been assailing them but it has had no effect. No one seems to care. The issue is that people of both sexes are afraid to look "unsympathetic" to women. This is the bigger issue of nymphotropism at work. Nymphotropism appears to overpower logic and reason. Thus attacking feminists on that front does not work. But that they must be defeated is w/o question.

I think we first must find out where the feminists can be assailed successfully... what are their weak points, their places of vulnerability? Then we find a counter-measure from a position of strength and execute ruthlessly.

One thing we have to agree on, like The Big Three at Yalta: total victory, unconditional and sincere surrender only. Nothing less than complete victory, and no quarter until or unless that is achieved. After all, they offer no quarter, why should we? And their aim is complete victory. Ours must be also.

In Vietnam, the NVA sought complete victory, the capture of S. Vietnam. The U.S. sought only to hold the NVA at bay. Anyone with two brain cells could tell who would eventually win. When retired NVA Gen. Giap was asked by an American reporter decades after the war ended if he had anything to say to the U.S. military about the war his reply was simply this: "Win. You must win." Play to win or don't play at all.

The MRM has been fighting the feminists like the U.S. fought the NVA. We need to start fighting like the Allies did in WWII, not as America did in Vietnam.

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