The Year Of Women’s Anger Will Only Escalate Unless Women Stop Pretending They’re Victims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Many in the media are celebrating 2017 as the Year of Women, or to be more precise, the Year of Women’s Anger, a backlash to 2016, also dubbed a year of anger—mainly that of populist, deplorable white men.

“Anger seeks an object,” writer Sam Leith said in 2016. “It’s very Newtonian. There’s action and reaction, a divisive process which continues to accelerate division.” The only way to reset culture and stop this cycle, he says, is “some sort of slow-motion catastrophe.”

We didn’t get that reset in 2017. We got more reaction, more anger, a backlash to the backlash, women pushing back against men, anger escalating into rage. While 2016 was seen as a great defeat to feminism—the “year the feminist bubble burst,” as Michelle Goldberg of Slate put it—2017 was the year liberal women blew a bigger, darker bubble.

They came out in force with the Women’s March, protesting the election of Donald Trump and women’s so-called inequalities. Donning p-ssy hats, they took to the streets of America and across the globe to stand up for taxpayer-sponsored birth control, untaxed tampons, and the golden idol of feminism: abortion. They threw in pay equality for good measure, even though women already have it. What women really have is a wage gap, and that’s the result of their own free choices, not the oppression of the “patriarchy.”'

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Women have always rejoiced in being the "victim". Society went thru the same crap in the 1980s and early 1990s. This latest catfest is nothing more than a rehash of what we've been thru before proving that women are only content when they are viewed as a victim of something and given the attention and sympathy they think they deserve. From what I've seen over decades of examining female behavior, women will always gravitate to being victims of something. Sadly nowadays it seems more about money and fifteen minutes of fame, but at it's core it's just the manifestation of the female psyche.

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