Uni fires coach over admittedly unfounded sexual harassment allegations

Article here. Guilty even when proven innocent. A mere allegation is sufficient. I believe perhaps we should try accusing people of witchcraft too and see what happens. Excerpt:

'After the investigation began, the former employee hired an attorney and declined multiple requests to participate in the investigation into her allegation and was "unwilling to turn over communications that she alleged provided support for her allegations," the letter stated.

The investigation, which concluded Dec. 28, determined the allegation could not be substantiated, but, according to Heeke and Robbins, "Arizona Athletics did become aware of information, both before and during the investigation, which caused it to be concerned with the direction and climate of the football program.

"As a result, we have been reviewing the finding and deliberating our course of action. While this is a difficult decision, it is the right decision. And it is a decision that lives up to the core values of the University of Arizona."'

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'core values of the uoa'? that's funny. having no ethics or balls is a core value bragging right?

accusations + no evidence = automatic termination of any male.

more feminist math.

I believe the lack of new husbands (men waking up) to leech off of is at the heart of all this feminist 'righteous indignation'. be careful what u wish for, u just might get it, square in the pocketbook. odd how $$ is always somewhere in the mix.

even more strange is how possible civil $$ judgements against men are never mentioned when having honest discussions of 'what's fair'. civil judgements require much less stringent 'evidence' than criminal prosecution. he said -she said in a court system dominated by feminists. what could go wrong?

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Civil cases require 50%+ certainty at least. When nothing but an accusation is tendered, that isn't sufficient even in a civil case. But that is all the accusers have. You can be sure if there was hay to be made in court with these anonymous accusations, they would make it.

Only thing holding back feminists from killing men outright is men with guns. And I am dead serious. Don't think they wouldn't if they could get away with it. They have already stated they want 90% of us to just go tf away and keep the survivors around for sperm-milking. (Their future: men are hooked up to dick-milking machines like cows in a factory farm or "bile bears" in a Chinese apothecary farm.)

Lacking being able to get away with murder, they are using whatever other means they can. Take a look at my new page: http://news.mensactivism.org/?q=node/30869


"Victory is bought at the price of blood." - Gen Võ Nguyên Giáp, PAVN

Only in this case, it's the blood of men buying feminist victories.

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