Women of Iceland are now required to earn equal pay to men

Story here. Excerpt:

'Iceland has taken a big step in its attempt to close the gender pay gap by making illegal to pay women less than men for the same job. All companies and government agencies with more than 25 employees must now obtain an official certification to show that they give equal pay for work of equal value. Otherwise, they risk being fined.

Iceland's parliament, which is about 50 percent female, announced the legislation in March 2017, on International Women's day. It went into effect on Jan. 1.'

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Is this how two people with the same job titles get the same pay even though one does his job under far more dangerous or dirty conditions than the other? And tell me, how will they measure "equal work"?

I'll tell you what this will be. It will be this: regardless of what a person is actually DOING at a company, the net result will be a division of employees by sex and then add up what each group gets paid, then adjust by percentage of membership of the sexes. In a company that is 40% female, the rule will say that of all the employee income distributed, 40% of it must go to the female members of the company's employees, regardless of occupation. This is how secretaries will magically suddenly command $80k/year in salary when the actual labor market has them at $40k.

The United States already has a law, passed in 1963, requiring non-discriminatory pay between the sexes. Basically, we already have an equal pay law. It's just ours doesn't tell employers they need to pay secretaries the same way they pay electrical engineers.

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