We Asked 615 Men About How They Conduct Themselves at Work

Article here. Excerpt:

'The victims of sexual harassment who have recently come forward are far from alone: Nearly half of women say they have experienced some form of it at work at least once in their careers. But there has been little research about those responsible.

In a new survey, about a third of men said they had done something at work within the past year that would qualify as objectionable behavior or sexual harassment.
In separate, smaller surveys, women were only somewhat less likely than men to admit to harassing behavior, even though men, in polls and in formal complaints, are far less likely to say they’ve been sexually harassed. It could be that men and women see the same behavior in different ways.'

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They correlate being white and a Trump supporter to being a "harasser", broadly-defined.

I posted this as a further example of NYT bullshit, as if another one was needed. Though that they admitted women pretty much behave the same in their behaviors list only that men don't see it as harassment of them was unexpected. In short, the typical woman is hyper-sensitive to anything a man does or says and is more inclined to flip out about it. Fainting couch feminism. Misandry. Demonization of men, white ones in particular, Trump supporters, whatever. More NYT finding ways to sew hatred.

The NYT sucks.

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is giving an award at 5:00 pm today for the worst fake news outlet of '17. the nyt is def in the running. personally I think Anderson cooper deserves an honorable mention. he is the mouthpiece for the illuminati, or whatever they call themselves these days. most people don't know his mom is a vanderbilt.

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Keep in mind that surveys such as the ones relied on by Mastodon are nothing but feminist created lies. Women lie. That's what they do. Some more than others, but they all lie non-stop. This coincides with the "woman as victim" psyche that is inherent in women. How could anyone possibly get a realistic idea of what goes on in a typical work environment when women are voicing their "opinions"? Plus, any survey can has the answer pre-determined by the questions that are asked. That's women's studies 101. Not to mention that women's studies and the brainwashed drones they churn out don't rely on facts or truth or science, but on feelings and thoughts and opinions. So any time you read about some "survey" that shows something that backs what the female chauvinists are screeching about, always take it with a very large grain of salt. And maybe a beer.

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