Australia: Rare male-only job advertisement

Link here. Excerpt:

'Our Mile End office are currently seeking 3 candidates Two males for the STREET SERVICES TEAM and One female for the Cleansing team.

The work consists of cleaning of footpaths, use of blower, running behind the garbage truck, litter pick up, emptying of bins and other duties as requested.

We are looking to hear from anyone who has the following skills

Fit and healthy and able to run behind garbage truck
Truck Licence advantageous
Reliable car and drivers licence
Able to work from 4am - 1pm Monday to Friday'

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In other words...

... we have a total shit job that's so dirty and dangerous we wouldn't DREAM of even considering a female candidate.

Bet not a single woman complains about this ad, or if she does, it's merely to make a point and claim victimhood.

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