Uh oh: Children’s toy preference study determines there ARE gender differences

Article here. In time for the gift-giving season. Well, almost. Excerpt:

'Look out, progressives: New research has determined there are “robust sex differences” in boys’ and girls’ choices of toys “across a range of ages, time periods, countries, and settings.”

According to a report PsyPost, the University College London’s Institute for Women’s Health research found that children “overwhelmingly chose to play with toys typed to their gender,” throwing a monkey wrench into the beliefs of those who say gender is merely a “social construct.”

The study said sex differences in toy preferences held true even after accounting for the effects of “the presence or absence of an adult, the study setting, the gender equality status of the country, year of publication, and presence of gender‐neutral toys.”'

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Uh oh!! RUN for the HILLS!

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