"Feminist coffee company fights for gender equity"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Though millions of Americans begin their day with a cup of coffee, few stop to think about how the beverage got to their hands in the first place. One female-driven coffee brand is working hard to change this norm by spotlighting the women who largely bring the must-have drink from plant to cup.

City Girl Coffee is perhaps the nation’s only coffee company to use beans exclusively from farms and co-ops owned or run by women, and founder Alyza Bohbot couldn’t be prouder. The second-generation coffee roaster from Minnesota told the New York Times in a Dec. 20 interview that she was inspired to create the trailblazing brand after attending an International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) event in 2015.

Hearing the story of a Colombian widow who was forbidden from keeping keep her family coffee farm because of her gender, Bohbot felt obliged to make a crusade against such unjust industry norms. Across the globe, women are responsible for getting a whopping 70 percent of coffee to market, the International Trade Center reports, and many have little control over their livelihood.

Though the process of purchasing coffee beans exclusively from female growers “adds a whole other layer of stress on our company,” Bohbot wouldn’t have it any other way. City Girl Coffee further empowers women in the java business by donating 5 percent of all profits to that support the women in their nation of origin.'

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Are the bean-pickers all female too or are these ladies only concerned with who is getting the profit from it?

Again I'd just like to point out: Jeff Bezos doesn't care who is sending him the practical joke plastic dog shit sets to turn around and ship out all across America and indeed the world. He didn't become stinking rich by focusing on irrelevancies like the sex of the ppl selling him his plastic dog shit hobby kits. He got stinking rich by being a ruthless tyrranical retail genius.

That's how you do it.

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I was trying to come with some feminist coffee slogans, and that was the best I could do for a subject line.

Or how about?

Feminist coffee - like it or lump it.
Feminist coffee - make it yourself, I'm not your slave.
Fighting The Patriarchy to the last drop.
Mountain grown for better feminism.

Anyone got any better ideas?

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"Feminist coffee, for wymyn only - genetically modified to kill male drinkers"

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