You can’t beat sexism by tolerating it for men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last weekend, I went into a shop to buy someone a Christmas present. It was a knick-knacky kind of place — full of those colourful and odd-shaped homewares that you’d never have in your own house, but seem to make good gifts for other people.

So I grabbed something and took it to the woman behind the counter.
“It’s impressive to see a man doing his Christmas shopping a week early and not leaving it until Christmas Eve.”

What? A “man”? Really? Then I watched her wrap the thing and charge my credit card. And I thought about what I wanted to say to her.
What annoyed me most about the situation was that I had just received her gift of sexism, but it was something I couldn’t give back. And I wouldn’t be able to regift to any other woman.

I just had to wear it. Like so many other men who have got the same thing before me.

I’m talking about the men who are patronised for taking time off work to be stay-at-home fathers. The men who are made to feel like precious rarities because they can cook a meal.'

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