UK: Man charged with rape after police text blunder ‘relieved’ as case collapses

Article here. Excerpt:

'A MAN charged with rape after a police blunder has spoken of his relief after he was told he would face no further action.

Isaac Itiary was accused of raping a child under 16 but the case against him collapsed earlier this week when it emerged cops had failed to disclose thousands of crucial text messages.

They are believed to show the girl, who was 14 and 15 at the time, had claimed she was 19.

Isaac, 25, walked free from Inner London crown court and yesterday said: “It’s been a nightmare. It’s a relief to have this taken off me.”'

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Article here. The so-called case "collapsed" due to no evidence. It was never a case in the first place. Dear Met: Focus on cleaning up the city of heroin and fentanyl, less on accusing men of crimes without evidence.

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With the anti-male bias in public institutions and education at crisis levels in the UK, it isn't remarkable that this case went forward.
Its remarkable that the case was dropped.
Why let facts get intheway of justice!
How many men are in prison now on similar grounds, with evidence of their innocence hiden safely away in a bottom draw by some feminist prosecutor?

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