University votes to strip due process from students so they can ‘speak for themselves’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Maryland has taken this equality-in-deprivation approach by voting to make it easier to find students responsible for violations of the conduct code.

And the independent campus newspaper The Diamondback is carrying water for these changes by reporting on them as if it’s the Ministry of Truth in 1984.

Not only does the paper inexplicably lead with changes that will make code language “more accessible to students,” but it uncritically regurgitates the Orwellian talking points of code-change supporters.

What is substantively changing under the 72-17 Senate vote: The evidence standard is being lowered to “preponderance of the evidence” (sometimes called “50 percent plus a feather”) from “clear and convincing,” which roughly translates to 75 percent certainty; definitions for what’s prohibited have been “broadened” (no detail given by the newspaper); and no more active professional counsel allowed in proceedings.'

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