UK: Feminism damaged by rape hysteria lynch mob standards

Article here. Excerpt:

'For centuries, the fundamental principle underpinning British law has been ‘innocence until proven guilty’.

Nothing in the judicial system is more basic or more sacrosanct. But the insidious spread of a culture — inevitably driven by social media — that encourages us to see every woman as a potential or actual victim is destroying that foundation stone.

Increasingly, from the moment an allegation of rape is made, the police and judiciary tend to use language that implies it is based on fact and that all men are potential predators of women.

This, I believe, is part of a dangerous trend being pushed by feminists that casts women as innocents incapable of lying. As I argue in my latest book, Women Vs Feminism, this does a deadly disservice to the causes of equality and justice.'

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Tangentially, Rolling Stone sold...

... for a paltry $100 million. No way to put lipstick on that pig.

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