Glenn Close On Weinstein Effect: ‘To Condemn All Men Is Stupid And Counterproductive’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Glenn Close hopes people in the entertainment industry can learn from the reckoning of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood.

The 70-year-old actress recently sat down with Jezebel alongside “Crooked House” co-star Max Irons to discuss the upcoming thriller and the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood heavyweights, like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Close said she was never “preyed upon” by Weinstein, but said he was “known to be a pig.” The producer has been accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from harassment to assault and rape, by more than 60 women.

Throughout the interview, Close partially blamed biology for predatory behavior, and pointed to “the male DNA.”

“As more and more people are being exposed and more and more women are being able to come up and say they were abused or preyed upon, I feel that it’s kind of in the male DNA, that if somebody walks in the room, your first thought is, ‘Do I want to fuck her?’ Honestly speaking,” she said. “Women maybe, but not to the same degree. If you expect that to change, I think it’s stupid.”
“I hope this is a tipping point and I hope it will represent a social revolution. Evolution,” she said. “Because the only way I think it won’t keep happening is if we evolve to a different place. It takes both and women. There are men who have acted on it, and men who don’t. To condemn all men is stupid and counterproductive, but just to say, ‘Okay, we’re biological creatures and this is a natural instinct, but we have a social contract.’ And this can, hopefully, evolve into a new culture for us.”'

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It's in men to predate upon women. It's in our DNA.

But certainly not ALL men should be viewed as waiting to pounce. That's just stupid!

OK, let's try an analogy:

Year: 1936. Place: Berlin. Interviewee: Some German entertainer. Statement:

"Well of course it's in the blood of Jews to be treacherous, traitorous, liars, cowards, and so on. But to suggest that each and every Jew behaves in this fashion is to deny the power of self-discipline to the Jew. I mean, obviously, Jews are capable of self-discipline. Look at how they have taken control of so many things, that takes self-discipline. So no, I do not believe it is true all Jews display such negative traits. But yes, I do think the predisposition is there because of their DNA."

My wasn't that progressive of the quotee.

So now you see my point.

I will avoid the company of Glenn Close along with any woman who blathers that way.

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