Matt Damon is right about sexual misconduct

Article here. Excerpt:

MATT DAMON IS RIGHT. There is a big difference between patting someone on the rear and rape or child molestation.

The actor got into trouble for making that sensible observation, followed up by this also sensible one: “Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.” For that heresy, Damon was blasted by women — some famous, some not — who believe it’s wrong to run various forms of sexual misconduct through a Harry Potter-like sorting hat. From their perspective, everything, from neck rubs to violent rapes, are actions perpetrated by evil misogynists deserving of professional death by firing and perpetual humiliation.
Isn’t it better to hear what men have to say than to tell them to just shut up, as Damon was angrily urged to do? His comments were dismissed as egomaniacal “mansplaining” from a privileged member of the patriarchy. I don’t hang out in Hollywood, and I haven’t dated him like Minnie Driverhas, so I don’t know where Damon is coming from on this. But many men seem to be honestly grappling with the tsunami of female rage connected to acts they grew up thinking about as a genetic right. They are learning that casual gropes and grabs, not just fierce physical assaults, are a big deal, with life-changing consequences for women. In fact, the ongoing conversations between men and women are among the most positive outcomes of this cultural reckoning. For the first time, we are talking about male behavior with colleagues and family members. Why shut it down with across-the-board man-shaming?'

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