In 2018, we need to make more of an effort to keep misandry out of feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Whether misandry as a concept actually exists or not, is up for debate. Like reverse racism, these kinds of social constructs negate the idea that prejudice necessarily needs a position of power from which to work. Racism involves one race being in a more privileged position than another. Sexism, the same.

But when you’ve got educated, funny women happy – proud even – to say out loud that they ‘hate men’, we’ve got to reevaluate exactly what we’re allowing people to get away with.
They do all come from men…but that doesn’t mean that every man is to blame. Keyboard losers are a tiny percentage of the population.

Mocking and berating men isn’t the way to show that feminism is about equality and intelligent debate.

The conversation should be inviting, it should be placing the importance on men as equal parents, equal mental health sufferers and survivors, on being as emotionally vulnerable and switched on as us.'

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... to consign feminism to the dustbin of history.

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ever so slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, into our societal consciousness.

lately I've been enjoying, for the most part, the cascade of new shows of the series type. I start watching one, get involved in the plot(s) and people, and BAM!, right square between the eyes they insult a portion of their audience w/ their feminist claptrap.

example: 'wisdom of the crowd'.

I liked everything about this show. a computer program that constantly changes, improves, to help catch more murderers, etc. the whole thing was set up by a billionaire who sold his software co. and set it up to try and catch the murderer of his daughter. they convicted some poor slob, but the real evidence says he didn't do it. people all over (mostly san fran.) call in w/ tips. the cops didn't like it at first, and after a few wrong people got the s%^t kicked out of them by overzealous 'people on the street', it finally looks like it is starting to pay off. once they lock onto somebody as the prime suspect, its downhill for the perp after that. cameras are everywhere. in one episode the bad guy thought he had made a clean getaway from the cops and sat on a train in the station catching his breath only to turn to the window and see a dozen people w/ camera phones out recording his every move and cops pouring in both doorways. it was funny.

anyway, last week a radical feminist blogger was targeted by a nasty talking stalker. the computer program even picks up the smallest similarities in crime scenes. he was a serial bad guy. it was finally discovered that the main suspect was a men's rights 'misogynist' activist. the labels she then tagged us w/ were embarrassing, to say the least. I was very offended. she got to air her feminist opinions and everybody just stood there and took it all in as fact. well, it was in cali., the volcano of feminist spewing, so consider the source.

catch it if u can. it is interesting how the left uses holliwierd to constantly berate their enemies to the entire world.

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