"How to raise boys not predators"

Article here. Excerpt:

'I have been torn about whether or not to write this piece. It felt redundant. And it would sound naive of me to say that it never occurred to me that I would have to pen something so explicit, but it isn’t naivete. It has simply been a profound (and deliberate) unwillingness to consider how bad things have been and how all of us have played some role in perpetuating this behavior. So with that said, this is my attempt to provide clear and simple tips for raising sons.
Don’t assume boys are innately predatory. They are not. It’s on us to make sure that they stay that way.'

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Initial knee-jerk reactions to the title of this article are misleading, IMO. There is in fact some good advice in here about how to avoid imposing common stereotyped expectations onto boys.

It may sound based on the title as yet another rip into maleness but I wouldn't be so quick to judge in this case.

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